The Sensory Connection Program Overview

Therapy for Psychosocial Self-Care


The Sensory Connection Program is an occupational therapy based program using individual treatment, group treatment, sensory diets and sensory sensitive environments including sensory rooms. It is a person-centered, strength oriented, skill building model of care. Sensory strategies initially focus on essential underlying building blocks of self-awareness and self-acceptance. They then help a person move from self-awareness to self-regulation and on to self-care and eventually to self-healing.

The SCP helps with:

Applicable Treatment Settings

The Sensory Connection Program

Developed by Karen M. Moore, OTR/L, features three books:sensory connection program

Compare the three publications [302 KB PDF] to see which one is most applicable to your setting and client population.


Clinical Treatment Stories

The Manual for the Sensory Connection Program contains many stories that demonstrate the effectiveness of sensory activities. View a few sample stories here....

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