The Sensory Connection Program

Sensory Modulation Symposium
for Occupational Therapy in Mental Health

On April 25, 2006 at Westborough State Hospital a symposium was held for all the occupational therapy practitioners from DMH facilities in the state to prepare them to be resource professionals for sensory modulation treatment in their own facilities.

symposiumOver 80 participants attended the symposium. Occupational therapists who attended will participate in the training and education of staff members including nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, and mental health workers regarding safe and effective treatment using sensory modalities. Once training has occurred, the goal is for all disciplines to be actively involved in carrying out treatment. This training initiative is the beginning of the statewide adoption of sensory modalities as part of a Restraint Reduction and Trauma Informed Care Initiative. Early intervention with calming sensory modalities can help patients to regulate emotions, maintain safety, and to avoid crisis situations leading to the necessity for physical and chemical restraints.


karen and tinaI had the pleasure of presenting this conference along with a talented and experienced clinician, Tina Champagne. Tina has extensive experience with the use of sensory modalities. She was instrumental in the development of a Sensory Room at her own hospital, Cooley-Dickinson. She has been actively involved at state and national levels in the development and promotion of programs focused on Trauma Informed Care. For more complete information on her accomplishments refer to her website

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