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The Sensory Connection Program Conferences

Sensory Connection Program Trainings feature a "see, touch, and try" approach as well as many clinical stories that help to make the information meaningful as well as memorable. Trainings happen throughout the country in settings including state and private psychiatric hospitals, adolescent units, geriatric facilities, school programs, veteran's hospitals, trauma conferences and conferences for occupational therapy associations. These trainings are designed to meet the needs of the contracting programs and facilities and often focus on self-regulation, sensory groups, sensory rooms, restraint and seclusion reduction, and trauma informed care. Trainings can be multidisciplinary or OT specific and last a full day or a day and a half. They always include experiential opportunities and application labs to help participants integrate information and begin to set goals for implementation of sensory approaches.

Please follow this link for an example outline for a full-day multidisciplinary training. (pdf file format)

Sensory Connection Program Online Conferences

The Sensory Connection Program is now offering on-line conferences. There are many possible formats, but one option for the equivalent of a two-day conference consists of eight hours of Video Taped sessions on chosen topics which participants can watch at their leisure followed by four experiential lab sessions using Zoom or a similar platform. Homework activities are provided and then used as part of the small group experiential sessions. This online format eliminates the need to travel to a location as well as all the costs involved. Participants are finding it easier to access these conferences because they can listen to the Video portion when it is convenient and only have to set aside a morning and afternoon for the lab sessions. There is much more time to digest and practice using the various techniques and assessment tools and integrate the information into clinical practice. Times for questions and answers are built into the experiential lab sessions. Before the conference informational handouts and slide handouts along with information on homework assignments are sent to participants along with the link to the video sessions. Our team will work with the program or facility contracting for online conferences to make sure the topics address their needs and challenges.

Feedback from the trainings has been extremely positive:

"The training was absolutely fantastic! It was a huge hit with the staff and many are actively working on implementing the information with clients."
Adolescent Treatment Unit, RI

"I have been an OT for 25 years and found this conference excellent, insightful, motivating and inspiring."
Regions Hospital, MN

To arrange a training program, contact us here to send an e-mail with a short description of your program or facility, your location, and a bit about your objectives.

Examples of Past Conferences

Regions Hospital

Sensory Modulation Approaches to Mental Health Treatment
May 3rd, 2015
St. Paul, MN

regions hospital trainingIn early May I had the incredible opportunity to present a Sensory Connection Program conference to the Occupational Therapists at Regions Hospital. What was exciting for me is that the therapists at this hospital were already implementing sensory modalities and assessments into their programs with great success, and they were hungry for more information to boost their skills and to make their programs even better. Angela Balzarini-Leonhart (pictured on the left), who invited me out to St. Paul, is now a full time MH/SI consultant at her hospital. With the great support of her superiors, Angie is leading the way for what could be a model of integrated sensory-based treatment in mental health.

The focus of the conference was on getting everyone even more comfortable using sensory techniques and knowledgeable about the power and potential of the senses as treatment modalities.

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