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Updated References for Sensory Modulation Approaches to Treatment
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Purchase Sensory Connection Program Manual and Handbook

Purchase Sensory Connection Program Workbook

Purchase the Sensory Connection Program Curriculum for Self-Regulation

Sommerfly - Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder Specialty Products including high quality weighted blankets and more

OT-Innovations - Tina Champagne

Restraint Reduction

Mass DMH Resource Guide: Creating Positive Cultures of Care

Pennsylvania State Hospital System's Seclusion and Restraint Reduction Program

SAMHSA Training Guide: Roadmap to Seclusion and Restraint Free Mental Health Services

Sensory Modulation Background and Theory

Busy hands may prevent symptoms of PTSD - Emily Holmes Research Study

Rock A Bye Baby A Time Life Documentary (1970) The importance of mothering and sensory stimulation

Sensory Modulation & Environment : Essential Elements of Occupation by Tina Champagne OTD, OTR/L

The Interoception Curriculum: A Step by Step Guide to Developing Mindful Self-Regulation by Kelly Mahler MS, OTR/L

My Interoception Workbook: A Guide for Adolescents, Teens and Adults by Kelly Mahler MS, OTR/L


The Body Keeps Score: Memory & the Evolving Psychology of PTSD Bessel van der Kolk

The Origins of Human Love and Violence (1996) James Prescott, P.h.D., Institute of Humanistic Science

Weighted Modalities

Sommerfly - High quality weighted products designed by an occupational therapist

Peaceful Products Medical Grade Blankets available.

SensoryGoods.Com Medical Grade Blankets available.

Exercise and Strong Sensory Input Ideas

Infinity Walk Program

Bosu Balance Trainer

Brain Gym Movement Exercises for Whole Brain Learning

ROM Dance Program - Gentle exercise and relaxation Videos

Strong Women and Men Books Great safe exercise programs!

Sensory Supplies

Therapro, Inc.

Oriental Trading Company

Rhode Island Novelty

Wall Murals

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