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When working on the Adult Psychiatric Care Unit at UMASS Memorial Medical Center I noted that many patients with trauma issues demonstrated symptoms of sensory defensiveness. I developed a research project that focused on the use of the Wilbarger Protocol (a sensory program) for the treatment of patients with trauma issues as well as symptoms of self-injury and sensory defensiveness. I have written a research article on that project that is available through Informaworld Online Publications at

The Sensory Defensiveness Screening for Adults was developed as a screening tool for the research project and it is available in the Sensory Connection Program Manual and Handbook.

Although I observed many symptoms of sensory defensiveness in patients on the UMASS unit we did not have the time or resources to provide proper assessment and treatment with the Wilbarger Protocol (a comprehensive treatment using deep pressure touch, joint compression, and a specific sensory diet). A plan to help patients deal with symptoms of sensory defensiveness was developed and it is included in Sensory Connection Program Manual and Handbook.It is no substitution for the Wilbarger Protocol but it helped many patients. Patients claimed that the educational component of the plan was most important because it helped them to understand their symptoms.

To Learn more about Sensory Defensiveness, download this pdf document which includes background information, symptoms, clinical stories and treatment with the Wilbarger Protocol.

Workshops on Sensory Defensiveness and Deep Pressure Touch Protocol contact Avanti Educational Programs (818) 782-7366 or go to Seminars and Workshops on Website

To order Sensory Defensiveness Video by Patricia Wilbarger or to order sensory related products contact PDP Products Books and Publications at

Information on Sensory Defensiveness, the Sensory Defensiveness Screening for Adults, and an Acute Care Treatment Plan for Sensory Defensiveness can be found in the Sensory Connection Program Books.

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