The Sensory Connection Program

Sensory Connection Program - Activities for Mental Health Treatment

"The Sensory Connection Program represents a vividly imaginative and theoretically sound occupational therapy intervention program for adults with mental health problems. The author was energized to develop this program when she discovered the impact of sensory-based activities when used with some of her more complicated clients. After a decade of intense study, research, and program development she now presents this program in its entirety."
Patricia Wilbarger, MEd, OTR, FAOTA

program book coversThe Program consists of two books, both integral to the program design. The Manual contains instructional information, essential guidelines for group and individual treatment and environmental interventions, along with clinical examples and clinical stories that exemplify program possibilities and experiences. The Handbook contains all the informational sheets and directions needed to conduct the program for group and individual treatment activities. All items in the Handbook are conveniently cross-referenced to the chapters in the Manual. Note: Both the Manual and the Handbook are required to fully implement the program.

"Karen combined her expert skills in task analysis with her sensory processing expertise to compose this user friendly invaluable resource for occupational therapists working in mental health. Thank you Karen. I have been waiting for a book like this for ten years."
Nancy Brace, Westborough State Hospital

Download a complete overview document on this SCP Manual and Handbook which includes:
An Overview of the Program
Description of Treatment Components and Activities

The Sensory Connection Program is available to purchase through Therapro.


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