The Sensory Connection Program: Curriculum for Self-Regulation

Sensory Connection Program Curriculum For Self-Regulation

Group Treatment for Emotional Regulation, Crisis Intervention, and Stress Management

Designed for adults and adolescents, The Sensory Connection Program Curriculum for Self-Regulation teaches self-regulation skills through the use of sensory strategies and social engagement

scp curriculumThe ten-session skill building program, based on evolving neurological research, uses the mnemonic "Pause-Connect-Engage" as a way to short circuit. Impeding crisis situations and to facilitate the use of our higher level stress response system. Group members "tune into" physical and emotional responses and learn to make adjustments for comfort and function. They explore sensory preferences, identify helpful strategies for times of emotional upset, and they learn to weave this information into plans for stress management healthy living.

The Sensory Connection Self-Regulation Program is designed to help people reach the following objectives. Participants will:

This curriculum can be used by occupational therapists and also by psychologists and mental health clinicians trained in the use of sensory modalities.

The curriculum is designed to be used for: acute and long term mental health care, behavioral programs, outpatient treatment, partial hospitalization programs, substance abuse treatment, trauma informed care, restraint and seclusion reduction initiatives.

The program is easy to implement. Interactive games, posters, movements, and sensory input are used to hold attention and teach skills in ways that are experiential and fun. The Curriculum is flexible and can be used for a two week program, or spread out over 10 weekly sessions or integrated into ongoing groups including DBT and cognitive behavioral groups. Sessions can last between 60 to 90 minutes and they are divided into five stages with specific directions for all activities. Leader guide sheets are provided for each session listing supplies and an outline of stages and activities.

curriculum cdIncludes a CD with printable versions of over 60 handouts and 10 colorful games.

Click here for a PDF overview and more information about the Sensory Connection Program Curriculum.

Click here for a PDF list of the curriculum sessions, materials, posters, handouts, and games.

The Sensory Connection Program Curriculum for Self-Regulation is available to purchase through Therapro.


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